Niche competency is an imperative for any business to remain competitive in global eco system. RTMS with its deep expertise in the industry in Product Design, Embedded, Manufacturing Engineering and Enterprise IT, will enable customers to focus on core competency.


While hiring talent is an important thing, hiring the right talent is very significant for success. RTMS assesses candidates for their ability to integrate with your current team and represent the emerging values of your organization, which will work wonders for your company.


With manpower of 1.2437 billion, it’s ironic that we suffer from dearth of talent. Studies show that the severity of the situation can be estimated that only 10% of MBA graduates of the country are employable and same is true for engineering graduates where this number is as low as 17%.

Welcome to RTMS

We have Opportunity, We have availability of young talent and we also have equal challenge of resource availability not meeting the expectation of opportunity.

RTMS understands the challenge to the core and also have the right methods to address the challenge. With our industry expertise and visionary thinking, we will enable our young resource pool to meet the corporate needs. We will ensure that corporates can be confident and focus on core business by entrusting to fulfill the resource needs and also institutes can rely on us to get young engineers equipped with contemporary industry practices and skills.