RCMS (Revenue Cycle Management System)

Medical Transcription

RTMS is known as leading medical transcription service provides. With our highly skilled transcription team and expertise, we ensure to give best quality to all clinics and hospitals and maintain long-term relationship with the clients.

Our transcription services are easy, well-organized, and lucrative. We support many exclusive dictation and transcription needs (file/document format, system interfacing, etc.). This allows us to exceed your most demanding dictation and transcription.

We modify our MT services to your business methods, saving the time and effort involved.

We understand the value of a physician’s time and hence our service allows physicians to spend more time on healthcare, and less time on administration.

Dictate using new advanced handheld recorders or toll free telephone dictation system Easy-to-use, high-speed software interface to send and receive dictations SSL 2048-bit encrypted security system for processing and storage of confidential healthcare information, compliant with the upgraded HIPAA rules & regulations.

Efficient results with good quality and quick turn-around-time. We track the status of reports
through our web- based platform.

STAT dictations are processed within 2 hours turn-around-time.

Review and manage patient records online, from any remote places, and easy on-line access to all accounting information.

Maintaining high quality deliverables as per the SLA and industry standards through stringent quality process system.

We promise to deliver all transcriptions within 24 hours from the time of uploading the file onto our servers and STAT reports will be delivered within 2-3 hours or on an emergency basis.