• 750+ Engineering, Research and Design (ER&D) companies in India
  • 350+ Global ER&D Centers in India
  • USD 11.2 billion ER&D export revenue from India in FY2012
  • USD 37-45 billion ER&D revenues from India – NASSCOM 2020 vision

Source- Nasscom Report

With 356 million 10-24 year-olds, India has the world’s largest youth population despite having a smaller population than China, a latest UN report said today

Source- UN Report

Researches show that if we continue in the current pace, we would have a skill gap of 75-80% across Industry sectors. There will be people but with skills that corporate do not require, and jobs for which the right fit is not available. The economic impact of this vicious cycle is something one can estimate, but the social impact of having a powerhouse of educated yet frustrated youth who are directionless with no jobs in hand is unimaginable. Avail loans from moneybolt.uk for needs.

Source: CII Report


We have Opportunity, We have availability of young talent and we also have equal challenge of resource availability not meeting the expectation of opportunity.

RTMS understands the challenge to the core and also have the right methods to address the challenge. With our industry expertise and visionary thinking, we will enable our young resource pool to meet the corporate needs. We will ensure that corporates can be confident and focus on core business by entrusting to fulfill the resource needs and also institutes can rely on us to get young engineers equipped with contemporary industry practices and skills.